Beginner Q&A sessions
We’re all beginners in the sense that we continue to learn. The Beginner sessions are for everyone who wants to grow and learn new Macintosh skills.
The session runs from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Before the general meeting.

  • The setting is informal where you are encouraged to ask questions. Tables are set up for notes and laptops.
  • There’s no set agenda. It’s purpose is to respond to the interests of the attendees.
  • The emphasis is on basic Macintosh use: such as eMail; the Internet; Trouble shooting; iLife and iWork.
  • There’s a broadband, wireless Internet connection available to all.

We’re not in the repair business, but you can bring your computer, set it up, illustrate any
problems or questions. It’s likely that someone else has had your experience.