Here are our SBAMUG Presentations as PDF files. The audio files are mp.4.
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Graphic Converter presentation by Arnold Silver, April 2024

Which Mac should I buy? presentation  by Jim Pernal, Feb 2024

Mac OS 14.x Sonoma Presentation by Jim Pernal, Jan 2024

Apples 9/12/2023 New Product Announcements by Kent McDonald , October 2023

Should We Be Worried About AI? by Kent Mcdonald, July 2023

WWDC 23 by George Wilde June 2023

ChatGPT Keynote and ChatGPT Responses by George Wilde May 2023

Eazydraw Presentation by Jim Pernal, April 2023

Mac OS 13.x Ventura Presentation by Jim Pernal, Jan 2023

Far Out Event Presentation by George Wilde, Sept 2022

WWDC 2022 Presentation by George Wilde, June 2022

Adding Additional Montors by Jim Pernal, Apr 2022

Apple  Product Virtual Event  by Kent McDonald, March 2022

Carbon Copy Cloner Backups by Kent McDonald, Feb 2022

Mac OS 12.x Monterey,  by Jim Pernal, Jan 2022

Apple “Unleashed“, by Kent McDonald, Oct 2021

Safari 15 browser. by Jim Pernal, Oct 2021

New Apple Hardware, by Kent McDonald, Sep 2021

System Preferences Gems , by Allison Sheridan, Aug 2021

2021 Apple Hardware, by Kent McDonald, July 2021

AIrtags, by Jim Pernal, Jun 2021

WWDC 21, by George Wilde, Jun 2021

Screencast Online Presentations, Apr 2021

Shortcut links, Mar 2021

Backups, by Kent McDonald, Mar 2021

SBAMUG Notes, by Kent McDonald, Feb 2021

Mac OS 11.x Big Sur Presentation, by Jim Pernal, Jan 2021

Music cataloging, by Jim Pernal, Dec 2020

Virtual Library, by Marney Wilde, Aug 2020

Marney’s favorites, Aug 2020

Preview, by Arnold Silver, June 2020

Recent Apple Hardware, by Kent McDonald, June 2020

WWDC, by George Wilde, June 2020

Parallels Desktop for Mac, by George Wilde, Feb 2020

OS 10.15 (Catalina),  by Jim Pernal, Jan 2020

Reunion 12, by Joan King, Oct 2019

Mesh-Routers, by Kent McDonald, Sept 2019

Apple Announcements, by Arnold Silver, Sept 2019

Tesla Power wall, by Arnold Silver, Aug 2019

MAC Keyboard Shortcuts, by Kent McDonald, July 2019

Apple Software Updates 2019, by George Wilde, June 2019

iPhone Camera Presentation, by Don Stouder, May 2019

FaceTime, by Arnold Silver, Apr 2019

AirDrop, by Arnold Silver, Mar 2019

Numbers vs Excel,   by Joan King, Feb 2019

OS X 10.14 Mojave, by Jim Pernal, Jan 2019

Dslextreme Fiber via ATT, by Jim Pernal, Oct 2018

Understanding iCloud/Mac Tips, by Kent McDonald, Sep 2018

Smart Speakers Compared, by Kent McDonald, Aug 2018

PasswordPlaydate, by Allison Sheridan and Pat Dengler, July 2018

Apple Software Updates, by George Wilde, June 2018

Malware, by Jim Pernal, May 2018

Apple Pay and Messages, by George Wilde, Apr 2018

VPN_Insecurity, by Tom Thorpe, Mar 2018

OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), by Jim Pernal, Feb 2018

WiFi_Insecurity, by Tom Thorpe, Feb 2018

Meltdown, by Jim Pernal, Jan 2018

Apple Notes, by George Wilde, Oct 2017

Pages vs Word, by Joan King, Sep 2017

Tap Forms, by Joan King, July 2017

Virtual Private Networks, by Arnold Silver, May 2017

OS X 10.12, by Jim Pernal, Mar 2017

Wunderlist Presentation Notes, by Allison Sheridan, Feb 2017

iCloud Demystified, by George Wilde, Jan 2017

USB, by Tom Thorpe, Sep 2016

Backing Up Your Mac, by Joan King, July 2016

Mac Security, by Nicholas Raba, Jun 2016

Apple Software Preview, by George Wilde, Jun 2016

Office +, by Joan King, May 2016

Its_In_The_Mail, by Tom Thorpe, May 2016

iPhone Out of the Box, by George Wilde, Apr 2016

Hooking_Up, by Tom Thorpe, Apr 2016

Backups (Overview), by Jim Pernal, Apr 2016

OS X 10.11 El Capitan, by Jim Pernal, Mar 2016

IP_Addresses, by Tom Thorpe, Mar 2016

Packets, by Tom Thorpe, Feb 2016

Hey_MAC, by Tom Thorpe, Jan 2016

iPhone Photography, by Don Stouder, Oct 2015

Cookies_And_Milk, by Tom Thorpe, Oct 2015

Social Media Revolution, by Anil Muhammed, Sep 2015

Whats_In_A_Name, by Tom Thorpe, Sep 2015

itunes Backup & Sync, by Jim Pernal, Sep 2015

eBooks by Joan King, Aug 2015

Mashed Potatoes (encryption) by Tom Thorpe, Aug 2015

WordPress by Adam Silver, JULY 2015 (charts)

WordPress by Adam Silver, July 2015 (audio)

Password Play Date by Allison Sheridan, Apr 2015

Adware by Jim Pernal, Apr 2015

OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) by Jim Pernal, Mar 2015

Sandbox by Clarence Baisdon, Feb 2015

Audio and the Mac by Bob Brooks, Aug 2009

EXIF Data by Bob Brooks, Feb 2009

Is Starbucks Safe? by Bob Brooks, Aug 2008

iMovie HD by Bob Brooks, Jul 2008

Image Editing by Bob Brooks, Oct 2007

Convert Vinyl Records and Tapes to CD by Bob Brooks, Feb 2007

Password by Bob Brooks, Nov 2006

Mail by Bob Brooks, Jul 2006

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