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Feb 27 Meeting

Numbers vs Excel

I’ve been using Excel since about 1997. But I haven’t upgraded from Office 2008 since I want to be able to use the program on both my iMac and MacBook without paying for 2 copies. But I have been having occasional problems with Excel under Sierra and I frequently have to do a Force Quit get the program to quit, and performance won’t improve under High Sierra or Mojave.

When I learned that Apple had made its iWork apps free for Sierra OS, I immediately downloaded them and started trying them out. I will show you the similarities and differences in what Numbers and Excel can do in spreadsheets. I’ll also show you some problems that can arise in importing Excel spreadsheet into Numbers and in exporting Numbers spreadsheet into Excel.

Numbers is unique in that acts like a page layout program with tables and charts and also supports interactive manipulation, while Excel is oriented to a large table grid with the ability to add charts.

Joan King