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July 26th Meeting

Meeting (Via Zoom)

The South Bay Apple Users Group has been around for over 30 years.  We are a group of 72+ Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch aficionados.

NEW TIME:  7:00 PM Beginners Q&A

NEW TIME: On Wednesday, July 26th, there will be a meeting with Ken McDonald on “Should We Be Worried About AI?”  Kent said:  By now, most everyone had been amazed at the complex and useful responses from Chat Bots, and expect them to get even better as time elapses. Several people in charge of AI development have admitted that there is a possibility of great harm from a runaway AI computer complex. The presentation will be an overview of the the current concern.

Note the core group has decided to move the start time to 7:00 PM for the Beginners group and 7:45 for the main meeting to see if this will help attendance, and folks showing up late.

Best way to get the Zoom meeting codeis to sign up for the SBAMUG email group. Link is here.  Then you will be notified a few days before the meeting with the meeting code and with a .ics link to also let you place it into your calendar app.

Note 310 544-9665 is a way to get the code .