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March 29th Meeting

Meeting (via Zoom)

The South Bay Apple Mac Users Group has been around for over 30 years. We are a group of 72+ Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch aficionados.

6:30 PM, Beginners Q & A

7:15 PM: On Wednesday, March 29th, there will be a meeting with Podcaster Allison Sheridan on “Tech In Travel”

Allison Sheridan of the Podfeet Podcasts joins us again to talk about Tech on Travel. She recently traveled to Antarctica (she’ll show you penguin photos if you ask) and learned a lot about the current state of tech when traveling. She’ll explain how the new eSIM technology built into modern phones make getting data plans much easier when on foreign travel, and she’ll show you a website to find the right plan for your trip. She’ll talk about how cool the new Shared Library is in Apple Photos, as long as you have devices that support it. She’ll share her backup strategy that saved her husband from catastrophe when on an international trip. AirDrop is your friend on travel in groups for sharing photos – and she learned a new trick to making sure you can receive AirDrop requests. Finally, she’ll talk about two super useful gadgets that help on any kind of travel away from home.

If you haven’t seen Allison present before, you’ll find that even if every tip she supplies doesn’t blow your dress up, she’s always entertaining!

Best way to get the Zoom meeting code is to sign up for the SBAMUG email group. Link is here. Then you will be notified a few days before the meeting with the meeting code and with a .ics link to also let you place it into your calendar app.

Note phone contact for help with Passwords to the meeting or General Zoom help is TBD at the moment.