Monthly Archives: September 2019

October 30 Meeting

Reunion Genealogy Software, by Joan King

In 2012 I gave a presentation on Reunion version 10, a genealogy program for the Mac with separate apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch and for the iPad. Today Reunion is up to version 12 on the Mac and there is single app, Reunion Touch, that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I will show you what you can do with version 12. There are many different charts and reports you can create to share your information with others.

September 25 Meeting

Mesh Routers

At the September 25 meeting of SBAMUG, Kent McDonald will explain the rationale for using mesh routers to provide improved Wi-Fi coverage in your home. An actual installation with a single access point in a large, five bedroom home is described. The Wi-Fi signal strength is mapped throughout the house to see where the signal strength is inadequate. A mobile-phone app is used to map the signal strength. A mesh network is then configured to provide good signals everywhere in the house. A three-node mesh network is selected and installed; then the new network is mapped to show that the Wi-Fi signal is indeed strong everywhere inside the house with the new equipment.