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Oct 31 Meeting

Oct 31 Meeting

iOS and OSX Tips, by Don McAllister

Kent has selected threeIOS topics from ScreenCastsOnline for the Oct. 31 SBAMUG meeting. The average duration of the Tips is seven minutes each. We can plan on group discussion after each topic. The topics are as follows:

AirDrop 101; a safe and secure way to transfer files between Apple devices that requires virtually zero configuration

Finder Toolbar Customization; how you can make some simple customization to your Finder toolbar to increase your productivity.

All About Screenshots on IOS; taking screenshots, handy annotation features, sharing, syncing screenshots from Apple Watch

Handy Mac Keyboard Shortcuts; gives you some keyboard shortcuts to help navigate the Save and Open actions, as well as change the target location when saving your files.

IOS-12 Stocks App; goes over the revamped Stocks app, now available on iPad as well as iPhone.

Getting Ready for Mojave; gives you some pointers on cleaning your Mac and making a bootable backup to an external drive with SuperDuper.