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July 25 Meeting

You’ve heard Allison Sheridan speak before, and she’s even talked to you about why a password manager (like 1Password) will make you happy by removing the stress of remembering passwords.  But that talk was all theoretical.  In this presentation, Allison is joined by Pat Dengler, who is an Apple Certified Consultant.  Pat specializes in helping people learn to use their Macs and iOS devices better, and is a great resource for learning 1Password.  Pat and Allison will review why having a password manager is a good idea and then dig deeper into how 1Password actually works.  This isn’t a sales pitch for 1Password or for Pat’s services, but if you want private lessons (or small groups) from Pat she’ll be available after the presentation to make those arrangements.

Allison Sheridan

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June 27 Meeting

George Wilde will bring us up to date on the latest news and upcoming developments from Apple. He says:

“During the June 4th Keynote Address at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC18), Apple made significant announcements regarding upcoming updates to their entire suite of software. These updates, which will be released in the next few months, are likely to affect all of us regardless of whether we are Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV users. There are major software updates to all of these platforms coming this fall with the announcement of the next versions of macOS (called Mojave), iOS (iOS 12), watchOS (watchOS 5) and tvOS (tvOS 12). In this presentation I will be summarizing the major upcoming changes and new features incorporated in this software. The good news is that performance, especially with older devices, will likely be substantially improved. But what devices will this new software work on and how can it benefit you? These questions and more will be covered in my presentation.”