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April 24 Meeting

The topic of the main presentation at the April 24 meeting will be FaceTime.  FaceTime is Apple’s video phone call app. Arnold Silver will describe its features and do a demo. The latest version of FaceTime now provides for conference calls with up to 32 participants.

Since the FaceTime presentation is not expected to fill the hour, it will be supplemented by a selection of Don McAllister’s Screencast Online tips.

June 27 Meeting

George Wilde will bring us up to date on the latest news and upcoming developments from Apple. He says:

“During the June 4th Keynote Address at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC18), Apple made significant announcements regarding upcoming updates to their entire suite of software. These updates, which will be released in the next few months, are likely to affect all of us regardless of whether we are Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV users. There are major software updates to all of these platforms coming this fall with the announcement of the next versions of macOS (called Mojave), iOS (iOS 12), watchOS (watchOS 5) and tvOS (tvOS 12). In this presentation I will be summarizing the major upcoming changes and new features incorporated in this software. The good news is that performance, especially with older devices, will likely be substantially improved. But what devices will this new software work on and how can it benefit you? These questions and more will be covered in my presentation.”

March 29 Meeting

Mac OS 10.12 by Jim Pernal

The meeting will  start with Beginner’s Q&A at 6:30 PM, followed by the main presentation at 8:00 PM.

We will discuss the latest Mac Operating System Sierra (10.12).  The presentation will include the requirements for using this system, how to upgrade, why you should upgrade, and finally a few of the new features in the system with some demos. One of the new features is Siri on the Mac OS for the first time.

Nov 30 Meeting

Affinity Photo(by Allison Sheridan via Screencastsonline)

Photoshop is a fantastic app, but for some people it’s too powerful (or too complex) and for others, they don’t want to be paying for an app on a subscription basis.
Affinity Photo is a terrific alternative to Photoshop – all for a single one off payment!
There’s so much to cover, Allison will be featuring Affinity Photo in two parts – in this initial episode, she’ll take a look at using the wide range of Apple Photo Extensions provided as part of Affinity Photo.

In a future episode, she’ll take a look at using Affinity Photo as a standalone application

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Aug 31 Meeting


(by Allison Sheridan via Screencastsonline)

Together 3 for the Mac, and Together Mobile for iOS are apps that allow you to collect and organize all your stuff – together! With a multitude of capture and organizational features, Together 3 acts as a repository for many different types of files and documents. With the App Store version, it allows you to store your Together 3 library in iCloud, allowing you to sync it across your Macs and also your iOS devices using Together Mobile. For Evernote users, if you really like the functionality you get from Evernote but the recent fee changes and/or restrictions are more than you can bear, I might have an alternative for you. It’s called Together from Reinvented Software. Together doesn’t work exactly like Evernote, so we’ll go through the features and you can decide if it meets your needs.

June 29 Meeting

Mac Security

Executive Bio. Nicholas Raba, CEO
Nicholas Raba is the founder of, a website devoted to Macintosh Security. The site launched in 1999 and was founded with the goal of offering security solutions for Mac users at a time when the Mac platform was overlooked by the security industry.

Starting with a simple news site, grew under Nicholas’ guidance to offer reviews, guides, and advisories to protect Mac users. SecureMac expanded its team in 2001 to begin development of Mac-centric security software, and released a beta version of MacScan, its flagship product, the same year that Mac OS X made its debut. Nicholas has written extensively about computer security, with articles appearing in both magazines and books, and often gives speeches at security conferences.

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May 25 Meeting

Office Software for Mac

One of my neighbors bought a new iMac with El Capitan and asked for some help in getting it set up with a new printer and learning how to use it. His biggest problem was with word processing as the program he had been using for many years was incompatible with El Capitan and he had many files on his old laptop that he didn’t want to lose. He didn’t care for Pages and needed help in finding a new word processor. He also needed some spreadsheet capabilities. That set me on a search to find other alternatives for him to try. And in the process I learned a lot about other options for office software for the Mac, some of it free. I thought the SBAMUG might be interested in what I learned.

Joan King

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April 27 Meeting

April 27 Meeting

iPhone Out of the Box

George Wilde will be discussing iPhone and iPad Basics – just what comes with your iPhone or iPad out of the box. There will be no discussion of any third party Apps, or even Apple Apps that do not come preinstalled on a new iPhone or iPad.

The presentation addresses how you can use your iPhone or iPad to maximum advantage with iOS 9. including iPhone and iPad controls, buttons, and switches, use of finger gestures, arranging apps and organizing them into folders, using Spotlight search, Siri and “Hey Siri”, multitasking and navigating between apps, use of copy & paste, discussion of what all of those numerous little status bar icons mean, finding somewhat hidden critical settings that can improve performance and avoid excessive charges – including Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Assist, Personal Hotspots, and Data Roaming, setting a secure passcode as well as passcode and fingerprint implications, privacy considerations, using Apple Pay, use of iCloud and iCloud security, as well as music and photos in iCloud and cost tradeoffs among the several music and photo options available from Apple, using your iPhone in an emergency, using the Control Center and Notification Center, adding email accounts, generating secure notes, setting up reminders, using handoff between devices, Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture on newer iPads, and many other topics.

The presentation uses a number of photos, screen captures, and very short screen videos to clearly illustrate the topics being discussed. A PDF of the presentation slides will be posted on the SBAMUG website so that you can go back and refer to the presentation materials at a later time. Bring your iPhone or iPad to the meeting so that you can follow along.

Also, Tom Thorpe will continue his series on Internet Basics with a short presentation titled Hooking Up.

Don’t miss the meeting! See page 2 of our newsletter for details.