Monthly Archives: April 2019

May 29 Meeting

Beyond the Simple Selfie, by Don Stouder

iPhones have gotten to the point where they can take superb quality and creative photographs and videos. Improvements to the camera, apps, and available accessories have allowed this to happen.

This presentation will explore the capabilities of the current camera in the iPhone and the special capabilities of Apple’s Camera and Photos apps. In addition, selected third party apps and accessories that expand upon those provided by Apple will be addressed.

April 24 Meeting

The topic of the main presentation at the April 24 meeting will be FaceTime.  FaceTime is Apple’s video phone call app. Arnold Silver will describe its features and do a demo. The latest version of FaceTime now provides for conference calls with up to 32 participants.

Since the FaceTime presentation is not expected to fill the hour, it will be supplemented by a selection of Don McAllister’s Screencast Online tips.