May 27 Meeting

Lomita Veteran’s Hall, 1865 Lomita Blvd., Lomita

The beginner’s Q & A will begin at 6:30 PM with Glen Terry and Jim Pernal answering your questions.

The main presentation (at 8PM) will be  “iOS Apps” by George Wilde.

My intent for the next presentation is to give SBAMUG members a taste of what can be done with iOS Apps by using examples from existing Apps (some developed by me and some developed by others). I then intend to demonstrate the development of a very simple SBAMUG App using Apple’s free Xcode tools which are used to develop nearly all iOS and Mac Apps, I won’t be demonstrating any actual coding, but will show how Xcode’s graphical Interface Builder tools can be used to develop a very simple App. My hope is to give SBAMUG members a feel of how real iOS (and Mac) Apps are developed without getting into too much technical detail or actual coding.

I will also talk about how to effectively use the iTunes App Store on various devices to select those Apps that are really of interest to you and meet your needs. There are so many Apps in the App store that finding the right ones can be very difficult. I will then give an overview of what can be done with iOS Apps, and a brief summary of how developers actually develop iOS Apps using a simple SBAMUG example (probably just an iOS App that displays the SBAMUG Website).

George Wilde, SBAMUG

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