Aug 31 Meeting


(by Allison Sheridan via Screencastsonline)

Together 3 for the Mac, and Together Mobile for iOS are apps that allow you to collect and organize all your stuff – together! With a multitude of capture and organizational features, Together 3 acts as a repository for many different types of files and documents. With the App Store version, it allows you to store your Together 3 library in iCloud, allowing you to sync it across your Macs and also your iOS devices using Together Mobile. For Evernote users, if you really like the functionality you get from Evernote but the recent fee changes and/or restrictions are more than you can bear, I might have an alternative for you. It’s called Together from Reinvented Software. Together doesn’t work exactly like Evernote, so we’ll go through the features and you can decide if it meets your needs.

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