Jan 25 Meeting

The main presentation at the Jan 25 meeting is titled iCloud Demystified, to be presented by George Wilde.

iCloud Computing?  What is it?  What can you do with it?

Apple’s current cloud computing and cloud storage service, called iCloud, is a replacement for Apple’s previous MobileMe service. iCloud has well over 700 million current users and consists of many parts – some of which are free and some of which come at a cost. Because iCloud has evolved in multiple directions since the time of MobileMe, you may find that some features you liked previously are still there, perhaps under another name. Also there are many new features – some of which you might like and others that you might hate. You may already be using some of the newer features of the iCloud system without even knowing it. Because you’re a Mac or iOS user you probably can’t avoid using at least some of the iCloud services, so you’ll want to understand the implications of using all of the various iCloud services.

At our upcoming meeting I’ll show you some of the most useful features and help you get started on adding any that you’d like to try. There will be time for your questions as you discover how to use iCloud effectively.

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