June 28 Meeting

Finder, by Allison Sheridan via Screencastsonline

In this episode, Allison Sheridan shows you how to use something you already use every day, and that’s the Finder in macOS.

You might be a really sophisticated user who has been using the Mac for a long time, or you could be new to the Mac, but either way she’s positive she will show you a trick or two when using the Finder.

Allison digs through all of the Finder Preferences first, learning how to customize the Finder Sidebar to configure it to match the way you work, followed by the Finder toolbar, finishing off with a look at the various options in the view menu.

The full tutorial covers:

  • macOS Finder Defaults
  • Finder Preferences – General
  • Finder Preferences – Tags
  • Finder Preferences – Sidebar
  • Finder Preferences – Advanced
  • Finder View Menu
  • Default Toolbar Review
  • Customize Toolbar
  • Adding Items to the Toolbar
  • View Options
  • View Options – List View
  • View Options – Icon View
  • View Options – Column View
  • View Options – Cover Flow
  • Adding Items to the Sidebar
  • Proxy Icon
  • Add the Library to Sidebar

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