April 25 Meeting

Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, and the Messages App

Using Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash and the Apple Messages App, by George Wilde

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to do all of the following things, and much more?

â—† Use Apple Pay with your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch, or even purchase items using your Mac with Apple Pay on the web.

â—† Use your Apple Wallet to store credit cards, airline boarding passes, train tickets, event tickets, merchant reward cards, and much, much more.

â—† Pass through TSA Security and board a plane with no printed tickets or printed boarding passes, just by using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

â—† Pay in a store using Apple Pay without pulling out your credit card from your physical wallet, or without even pulling out your iPhone if you have an Apple Watch. Apple Pay couldn’t be easier or more secure. The merchant never sees your physical credit card nor does he have access to your actual credit card account number.

◆ Transfer cash to others using Apple Pay Cash with your iPhone Messages App. 

â—† Send secure iMessages to individuals or groups using the Messages App. Incorporate videos, audio, emoji or even Animoji into your iMessages. Send iMessages with effects including bubble effects, handwritten messages, or even your heartbeat. Understand the significant differences between an iMessage and an SMS/MMS message. There are so many things that this little Messages App offers you on your iPhone!

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