Mar 27 Meeting

Our SBAMUG meeting on March 27 will feature a presentation by Allison Sheridan, who will describe a software tool that is handy when you have the occasion to control your Mac or some other person’s Mac remotely. The software application, Jump Desktop, is available for your Mac or IOS device. The application needed for the remotely-controlled Mac is called Jump Desktop Connect, and is free of charge. Allison is one of our favorite presenters and is also a member of SBAMUG. Allison has made this presentation available via Sceencasts Online.

Also, Arnold Silver will demonstrate Air Drop,an Apple feature that lets iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, ) and Macs to share almost anything wirelessly, easily, and securely at almost any time and anywhere.  It is most often used to transfer photos or video clips, but is much more versatile.  This short presentation will demonstrate how to enable AirDrop and transfer photos.

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