Feb 26 Meeting

Our next meeting will be Jan 29. The meeting will start with the beginners Q&A session at 6:30 pm as usual. The main presentation will be at 7:45 pm or thereabouts in which George Wilde will discuss Parallels Desktop. He says:

“Do you want to run older 32-bit applications or even PowerPC applications on your latest Mac that may only operate with macOS Catalina (macOS Version 10.15)?

Or perhaps you might want to run a Windows program on your Mac?

Well, you probably can by using Parallels Desktop.  Parallels Desktop is a powerful Mac program that can emulate a Virtual PC running earlier versions of macOS, Windows, and even Linux Operating Systems.  It allows running versions of software designed for these systems – on even the latest Macs.

I will be demonstrating how you can run older 32-bit applications and even PowerPC applications which are incompatible with macOS Catalina on a MacBook Pro that comes with macOS Catalina pre-installed.  I will also show how you can run the latest Windows 10 software on this MacBook Pro – and the performance is excellent.

Parallels Desktop gives you the capability of essentially having multiple computers on your single Mac.  Even if you don’t envision a need right now, I think it’s worthwhile to know how to use Parallels Desktop, should your situation change, or you are asked to help someone else.”

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