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Jan 30 Meeting

Mojave, the latest Mac OS, will be the subject of a presentation by Jim Pernal. The presentation will include the requirements for using this system, how to upgrade, why you should upgrade, and finally a few of the new features in the system with some demos. Some of the new features are Dark Mode, Stacks, and new supplied apps.

MUG Election for 2019

SBAMUG Election

The election of MUG officers for 2019 will be held at the December 12 meeting. The election slate is as follows:

Directors: Dave Nathanson, Arnold Silver, George Wilde, Joan King, Pete Myers

President: Kent McDonald

VP: vacant

Treasurer: CW Mitchell

Secretary: Wayne Inman

SBAMUG depends on its member volunteers to perform the many functions that keep it running.  Currently, the VP and Greeter and two Director positions are not filled. We are trying to find a new Secretary to replace Wayne Inman who has served for so long that nobody can remember when he started. Also, several of the club directors are filling more than one position. Positions that are filled, but in need of new blood are Newsletter Editor and Program Chairman.

It is not too late to volunteer! The descriptions of several of these jobs are listed below. See our web page for all job descriptions. If you decide to help out, send an email to

  • Vice President – perform all the duties of the president, and when so acting shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions upon, the president.
  • Secretary – keep a copy of minutes, mail and other forms filed in a big book, available at the office during business hours. Experience with small business management and/or bookkeeping is desirable but not necessary for this position. Secretary must have an office or home office which is accessible 9 – 5, Mon – Fri.
  • Directors at large – attend meetings and Core Group meetings, help out with club activities as needed.
  • Greeter – attend meetings, greet members as they arrive, make sure nonmembers are welcomed and provided with newsletters and flyers.
  • Program Chairman – attend Core Group meetings where topics and presenters are discussed. Make arrangements with presenters.
  • Newsletter Editor – gather articles for newsletter, use page layout software (Pages, for example) to produce newsletter, send completed pdf to printer.

Oct 31 Meeting

Oct 31 Meeting

iOS and OSX Tips, by Don McAllister

Kent has selected threeIOS topics from ScreenCastsOnline for the Oct. 31 SBAMUG meeting. The average duration of the Tips is seven minutes each. We can plan on group discussion after each topic. The topics are as follows:

AirDrop 101; a safe and secure way to transfer files between Apple devices that requires virtually zero configuration

Finder Toolbar Customization; how you can make some simple customization to your Finder toolbar to increase your productivity.

All About Screenshots on IOS; taking screenshots, handy annotation features, sharing, syncing screenshots from Apple Watch

Handy Mac Keyboard Shortcuts; gives you some keyboard shortcuts to help navigate the Save and Open actions, as well as change the target location when saving your files.

IOS-12 Stocks App; goes over the revamped Stocks app, now available on iPad as well as iPhone.

Getting Ready for Mojave; gives you some pointers on cleaning your Mac and making a bootable backup to an external drive with SuperDuper.

Sep 26 Meeting

Sep 26 Meeting

iCloud and More, by Kent McDonald

Kent will spend half of the presentation on understanding and mastering the capabilities of iCloud, something that has forever eluded him. The rest of the time will be spent on reviewing new accessories and announcements regarding Mac and iOS products and on shortcuts and tips for helping users to accomplish their tasks more efficiently on Macs, iPhones and iPads. All of this information will be based on the two most recent issues of MacLife.

Aug 29 Meeting

The Apple HomePod Smart Speaker

The Apple HomePod is acclaimed for its outstanding sound quality. Don McAllister’s video covers setup, using Siri for playback, controlling playback via iOS, the AirPlay interface with iPad, iPhone and Mac, using HomePod for podcasts and the interface with HomeKit. After the video, Kent McDonald will do a short presentation comparing the HomePod to its competitors including the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

July 25 Meeting

You’ve heard Allison Sheridan speak before, and she’s even talked to you about why a password manager (like 1Password) will make you happy by removing the stress of remembering passwords.  But that talk was all theoretical.  In this presentation, Allison is joined by Pat Dengler, who is an Apple Certified Consultant.  Pat specializes in helping people learn to use their Macs and iOS devices better, and is a great resource for learning 1Password.  Pat and Allison will review why having a password manager is a good idea and then dig deeper into how 1Password actually works.  This isn’t a sales pitch for 1Password or for Pat’s services, but if you want private lessons (or small groups) from Pat she’ll be available after the presentation to make those arrangements.

Allison Sheridan

Podfeet Podcasts at

Technology geek podcasts with an EVER so slight Apple bias!

May 30 Meeting

This month I expand on a topic I gave at the beginners group on adware a few years back. .   I will cover the overall topic of Malware, which will cover viruses, adware, spyware, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs),  and also on non- malware scams that try and trick you in calling a number and giving the folks your credit card info.  Even if you don’t fall for the scam, the webpage may try and lock you into itself, there are easy escape steps to follow.

Jim Pernal


April 25 Meeting

Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, and the Messages App

Using Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash and the Apple Messages App, by George Wilde

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to do all of the following things, and much more?

Use Apple Pay with your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch, or even purchase items using your Mac with Apple Pay on the web.

Use your Apple Wallet to store credit cards, airline boarding passes, train tickets, event tickets, merchant reward cards, and much, much more.

Pass through TSA Security and board a plane with no printed tickets or printed boarding passes, just by using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Pay in a store using Apple Pay without pulling out your credit card from your physical wallet, or without even pulling out your iPhone if you have an Apple Watch. Apple Pay couldn’t be easier or more secure. The merchant never sees your physical credit card nor does he have access to your actual credit card account number.

Transfer cash to others using Apple Pay Cash with your iPhone Messages App. 

Send secure iMessages to individuals or groups using the Messages App. Incorporate videos, audio, emoji or even Animoji into your iMessages. Send iMessages with effects including bubble effects, handwritten messages, or even your heartbeat. Understand the significant differences between an iMessage and an SMS/MMS message. There are so many things that this little Messages App offers you on your iPhone!

March 28 Meeting

The main presentation in March will consist of these Screencast Online Tips followed by discussion of each:

•Using AirPods with iPhones and AppleTV

•Converting iPods into Photo Frames

•Eliminating iPhone Camera Shake

•Creating Apple-Mail Rules on a Mac

•Copying Apple-Mail Rules to IOS Devices

After the beginners’ Q&A, but before the main presentation, Tom Thorpe will dig into VPN(in)Security.