Mac Places on the Web — There’s Tons of ’em

Favorites places I frequently visit.

This page was started by Dave, but has not been updated in years.  Many of the links were dead or if still valid, had not been updated in years. So I have gone ahead and updated the page. I will try to keep this page updated. Let me know if you have your favorite links.

Information and News

For Security Information and News


Note the Mac Classes at Torrance Adult school ended years back.  Udemy has some online Macintosh classes. Have not used them and can’t tell you about them.

Apple pushes their latest operating system, because it is the most up to date and has all the new features.  However some older Mac computers cannot run the latest system.  The older Mac OS’s are available, however Apple hides them a bit.  So here is the link to the older systems.  Note Apple has only been supporting security updates for two versions back, so think before installing older systems on newer hardware that can support the latest systems.

 Download Sites:

Note I would recommend downloading directly from the vendors websites.

Shopping Tips — where to get the best deals

Buyer Beware:

Shopping sites are rarely operated by  philanthropic organizations. If you click on a link the referring site may get a kick-back, a redirect fee. We have a TBS Shopping page where the commission goes to SBAMUG members.

Later Macs (those still with user upgradable Ram)  seem to be picky about quality ram.  The  two companies OWC and Crucial get recommended most often on the Apple discussion site.

Great Freeware and Shareware products

Native for OS X.


  • GraphicConverter — Opens and edits almost any graphic file and has a great slideshow and image browser ($30)
  • URL Manager Pro — A very handy program for managing your bookmarks. Lots of features. ($25). They also sell Web Confidental, a nifty program for storing all your passwords
  • Carbon Copy Cloner is a paid to backup (clone) a bootable copy of Mac OS X; with limitations on newer systems.
  • Mactracker is a great database of all the Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV’s, Watch, Cameras, Scanners, Monitors, Printers, Displays and more.


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  1. Dave, you did a lot of work on this, Thank you. Can we try things of screen, I like tp play with Tibit as I recieve it, but I’m real beginer.
    Thanks again

    1. Sure! Do whatever you want with this WordPress. But I suggest starting with editing the “Page” and seeing that the words change and all that.

  2. The Favorites page was put together a long time ago, when we were moving to OS X. OS 9 is dead and so are some of the early OS X apps.
    I still use Tex-Edit everyday.

    Some of the links are stale but there’s lots of new ones to replace them. Maybe if I get ambitious, and think that anyone cares, I’ll spend some time updating.

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