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Favorites places I frequently visit.

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Shopping Tips — where to get the best deals

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Shopping sites are rarely operated by  philanthropic organizations. If you click on a link the referring site may get a kick-back, a redirect fee. We have a Shopping page where the commission goes to SBAMUG members.

Great Freeware and Shareware products

Native for both OS 9 and OS X.

  • Tex-Edit — Gotta be the best general-purpose text editor out there ($15).Barebones Software has released TextWrangler, a free text editor program — powerful but technical. OS X only.
  • GraphicConverter — Opens and edits almost any graphic file and has a great slideshow and image browser ($30)
  • URL Manager Pro — A very handy program for managing your bookmarks. Lots of features. ($25). They also sell Web Confidental, a nifty program for storing all your passwords
  • FinderPop — It’s the most incredible enhancement I’ve ever added to my Mac. Bazillions of features. (Pintware). There’s finally an OS X version (beta).

OS X Only

  • Apple’s iLife is a collection of cool programs. It’s $80, although it comes free with new Macs. iTunes is still free.
  • Safari, free from Apple, is my favorite browser. It’s fast. Also try
    Camino and Firefox
  • Pixture.com – a nice collection of free contextual menu items for managing images and media
  • Some free, cool OS X utilities for techies at http://free.abracode.com
  • SilverKeeper (free) is the backup and synchronization program I use.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner is a donation-ware program to backup (clone) a bootable copy of Mac OS X. I clone a copy to an external Firewire drive in case my system goes south.

OS 8-9 only – they’re disappearing fast

  • Coaster 1.1.3 This is an incredible, free audio recording program.
  • Audio Recorder 1.2 is a free audio recorder for OS X. It’s limited, but it does support saving as MP3 files.


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3 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Dave, you did a lot of work on this, Thank you. Can we try things of screen, I like tp play with Tibit as I recieve it, but I’m real beginer.
    Thanks again

    1. Sure! Do whatever you want with this WordPress. But I suggest starting with editing the “Page” and seeing that the words change and all that.

  2. The Favorites page was put together a long time ago, when we were moving to OS X. OS 9 is dead and so are some of the early OS X apps.
    I still use Tex-Edit everyday.

    Some of the links are stale but there’s lots of new ones to replace them. Maybe if I get ambitious, and think that anyone cares, I’ll spend some time updating.

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