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If you can receive email, but suddenly can’t send; try change your sending SMTP port to 587. APOP password encryption is not supported & will not work. Passwords must be at least 9 characters long, and not a dictionary word. Thank you.

webmailWEB MAIL. To use the WebMail, you can connect to this url;

The Email Help sections have detailed sections for configuring these email applications;

Apple Mail (Tiger), and Leopard with SSL

Entourage 2004,



Other email programs are set up in a similar way. If you’d like to make a nice set of screen shots for another email program for our server, I’ll be happy to post it here.

Basic settings for SBAMUG mail: (you want IMAP, not POP)

Account type: IMAP


Email address:

Full Name: User Name (Your Real Name)

Incoming IMAP server:

Default ports.

User Name:

password: ********

SMTP server: Port 587, requires password authentication. (same as incoming)




You have a new mailbox and/or website.

Your username & password are probably as you requested. You received your username and password by email. Substitute in your own user name & your own password, as you received in the email, into the below instructions.

Here are the mail settings:

  • your email address:
  • pop mail server:
  • smtp mail server:
    • Requires authentication (same as receiving server)
    • Port 465
    • SSL on (SSL usually works better here than TLS)

Need some HELP setting up your new SBAMUG email?


You can also access your email by the web at:

Email InBox Management

If you get a lot of “list mail” or “eGroup” mail, and it’s cluttering up your email InBox, you might like to know how to have those group emails sort themselves into a folder so you can look at them when you’re ready, after reading the jokes & virus warnings your friends and family send you.

Here’s how for Apple Mail,

PowerMail &

FTP Settings:

  • server:
  • path: (leave blank)
  • username: username
  • password: password
    Of course, you’ll need to use your own user name & password! 🙂

You’ll need a FTP client application to upload your web files to your web folder on the SBAMUG web server. Unless your site is complex, we suggest that you put all html files & images in the same folder. Paul Bauer has written up a How-To on making & uploading a website. Read it here.


CyberDuck (free)

FileZilla (free)


Captain FTP




Viacomsoft FTP

Cute FTP



One Button FTP


Secure FTP

Simple FTP

Yummy FTP

There are a number of Web page creation programs, including:

iWeb (Apple)

NVu (free)&
KompoZer (free)


Mozilla SeaMonkey (free)


Adobe GoLive


Page Spinner


BBEdit &
Text Wrangler (free)

WebSite Tips

Web Page Counter

You can add a page counter to your personal SBAMUG web site

See for full details

Be sure to paste it into the html source code, not your web page “Layout Mode”.

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  1. I see you folks at the local vfw each month and was wonder if you could help my wife. she consistantly gets cannot connect to wells fargo or other websites because safari cannot get a secure connection. please help

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