South Bay Apple Mac User Group (SBAMUG) questionnaire

On March 10th Margaret Wehbi sent out a short five question questionnaire to update the membership and email lists.   While we have received  responses, we are still missing about half of the members we thought we had in late 2022.  There are a lot of email failures on many of the no response folks.

With the passing of our former Membership chairman CW Mitchell (RIP) it did take time to work out the logistics of the membership database, and to get a new volunteer for the Membership Chairman.  (Thanks Margaret)

Why do we need to update the lists? One reason is outside speakers.  They will ask what is your current membership and how many attend the Zoom meeting.  We can’t answer the first question and have to give the low number that show for our Zoom meeting.   The second reason is to determine what we can afford for if we go back to some limited amount of in person meetings.

So for those who did receive the questionnaire  and the several followups Margaret sent and you did not respond; PLEASE DO.

The folks that have their emails bounce, please contact Margaret with your new email address. is the email address. Did you change your email provider?  Did you sign up to our email group with a email that you never use or check?

If you are not on the everybody at SBAMUG mail list please sign up for the SBAMUG email group. Link is here.  Then you will be notified a few days before the meeting with the meeting code and with a .ics link to also let you place it into your calendar app.

Jim Pernal, President


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